Wednesday, July 14, 2010 new love

I love cooking. There I said it! This is saying a lot coming from a girl who, in the past, would open the fridge and say I don't feel like cooking....let's go to Chili's! Of course this was about 6 1/2 years ago when I was a newly wed, had no kids, and for a while(10 months to be exact) had no husband.(Thanks to a little thing known as Operation Iraqi Freedom....have you heard of that? Or maybe you've heard of know the Marines?) Anyway, I had no interest in cooking and only a little interest in baking. I enjoyed eating more than actually making the meal that I was eating. Well lets fast forward about 2 years where a little girl named Sweet Pea or, as I'll call her in this blog, Sous Chef #1, was born and changed everything... for the good! I decided to be a stay at home mom. This left a lack of income to go out to eat every night, an opportunity to start making things at home, because it was cheaper.:) Needless to say cooking almost every night has increased my mad skills, cooking abilities. So 6 1/2 years, one husband, and 3 Sous Chef's later....I am a cooking and baking machine. I am still learning new things and will be using old tricks I learned from my husband(who taught me a lot and who loves to cook!)my mom, and the food network:). So here is an outlet for my creative genius, er,learning. Grab an apron, pull up a chair, and enjoy!

(Wannabe) Chef Jessica

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